Haven’t heard of Jon McKiel? That’s because he’s been hauled up in the small costal town of Halifax, Nova Scotia, in a dim lit house, armed with a guitar and a cigarette, writing some of the most beautiful indie-pop songs we’ve ever heard. Joined by his bandmates Josh Kogon (bass), Cory LeBlanc (drums), Mike D’Eon (guitar) and Colin Crowell (synth and trumpet), Jon McKiel improves on the tradition of fellow Halifax bands like Sloan and Wintersleep by combining deep pop sensibilities with rich descriptive lyrics and haunting melodies. On songs like “123 My Friend” and “Get Caught,” Jon delivers the genuineness that has attracted many to fellow singer/songwriters like Andrew Bird, Ryan Adams, and Matt Pond PA.

Jon’s album, “The Nature of Things,” was released by Wednesday Records on February 12, 2008. The album followed Jon’s self-titled debut, which was dubbed The Coast’s “Top 50 Albums of 2006.” “The Nature of Things” was recorded at the old Fort Apache in Boston (home of the Pixies’ “Come on Pilgrim,” Radiohead’s “The Bends,” and Dinosaur Jr.’s “Green Mind”) by Thom Flowers. The record was mastered by Noah Mintz (The Dears, Stars, and Broken Social Scene) at Lacquer Channel in Toronto.