Who is Knox Overbroook?

Diplomat, industrialist, saucy raconteur:  whatever the day calls for, Knox Overbrook, of the Port Royal Overbrooks, remains the very picture of blue-blooded refinement.  When not building fully-scaled model yachts or trading derivatives poolside, Knox moonlights as Wednesday Records' part-time A/R man and all-the-time boulevardier.  Since he first heard the Pents play "She Lied" at the Old Yuff Gate while studying Ehru at Oxford under the tutelage of George Gao, Knox's penchant for discovering great independent music has never ceased to amaze.

Now, the good people at Wednesday Records make Knox available to our faithful audience.  Submit your questions to Knox and join us for Cutty and waters from Knox's lofty perch in the Chairman Emeritus' office high above the exclusive Port Royal Lawn and Tennis Club, as Knox smugly regales us with tales from how the better half lives in our "Ask Knox" segment.  Ahoy paloy.

Disclaimer: The opinions of Knox Overbrook may or may not be the opinions of the Wednesday Records' staff at large.  Wednesday Records accepts no responsibility for those who wish to follow the advice of Mr. Overbrook.

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