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Mock Orange Reveal "Disguised As Ghosts"Mock Orange, Disguised As Ghosts


Mock Orange Reveal "Disguised As Ghosts" Album Artwork And Track List; Discuss New Record Details The lights are on at the Mock Orange factory and its full steam ahead for the May 10, 2011, release of their fifth full length record, Disguised As Ghosts. Thanks to our favorite promotional device, torrent sites, the buzz is already out that this new Mock Orange record is the most provocative and focused release in the band's career.  According to the feedback we've been receiving, Mock Orange has found a way to take their intricate indie rock sound (a la Flaming Lips/Built to Spill) and put it small enticing bites. The cover photograph was taken by Brooke Grace in the woods outside the band's hometown of Evansville, Indiana.

Recently, the band's guitarist, Joe Asher, sat down with the blog, Synconation, to discuss the record in more detail. In the interview, Joe talks about the band's progression over their thirteen year career, offers explanations as to why they're literally huge in Japan, and tries to modestly respond to the interviewer stating that the album track "Going Away" is one of the most beautiful songs ever, marrying the Red House Painters to Sufjan Stevens. You can check out more of the interview here:We Believe in Ghosts - A Conversation with Mock Orange | Synconation

Track List: 1. Grow Your Soul Away 2. Silent Motion 3. My Car 4. Sidewalk 5. I Can Sing 6. Feel It Now 7. End Of The World 8. Going Away 9. Roll Your Eyes 10. Stop And Go

The Little Heroes Featured On iTunes' Indie Spotlight; AOL Music The Little Heroes are capping off a successful two weeks since the release of their new record Thank You with a pair of features on prominent music websites.

First, the band is being featured along side other indie notables Frightened Rabbit, Grizzly Bear and Real Estate on iTunes' Indie Spotlight. iTunes is highlighting the album opener "Say I'll Be Gone."

In addition, AOL Music is hosting the video for the band's first single on their music homepage.

The Little Heroes Premiere Video On MTV; Kick Off Exclusive Pre-Release At Amazon; Announce Listening Party At AOL Music On November 10, 2009, The Little Heroes will release their new record "Thank You." In advance of the release, the band is debuting their new video for the title track. The video, which you can check out here, has been accepted for programing at MTV and will be appearing on MTVu'sThe Freshman.

In addition, yesterday kicked off an exclusive digital pre-release of the record. The release is being featured along with the likes of other new and notable records by Flight of the Concords, Atlas Sound and Metric. During the week of the release, AOL Music will also be hosting a listening party of the entire record.

Thank You was recorded in Los Angeles, California at Kingsize Soundlabs (Built to Spill, Rilo Kiley, Great Northern) and mastered by Dave Harris (John Vanderslice, The Rosebuds) at Studio B in North Carolina. Guest appearances on the record include cello by Angus Cooke (The Snake, The Cross, The Crown) and accordion by Brian Mann (Oingo Boingo).

First To Leave To Release "Through The Ice Curtain" One of the things we love most about running a record label is watching young bands develop and expand their musical palette. A band typically starts with a small universe of influences which grow as the band tours and matures. The ability of a band to successfully integrate these additional influences is often what helps them move beyond their original musical boundaries to create something that is truly unique. So is the case with San Francisco's First to Leave and their new e.p. entitled Through The Ice Curtain.

The e.p. finds the band improving on the punk and hardcore roots of their upbringing by infusing indie elements from early 90s bands like Pavement and Superchunk. The result is a sound that keeps the energy of the band's punk background while not being afraid to introduce a guitar solo or push a song past three minutes, all of which would be considered either passe' or taboo if they stuck to the typical punk formula. While other bands have followed this path before, few do it with the conviction of First to Leave. Lead singer Matt Foster continues to pen smart lyrics that come from the heart, thus immediately infusing the genuineness that escapes so many other bands in the genere.

Through The Ice Curtain will be released on Wednesday Records on October 12, 2009. The record was recorded by the band's guitar player, Ben Hirschfield, with additional engineering by Thom Flowers (Jon McKiel,  Mad Caddies,  The Ataris) and was mastered by Dave Harris (Portastatic) at Studio B in North Carolina.

Mock Orange Release "Live In Brooklyn" At SXSW this past spring, we stumbled into Mohawk late one evening to catch Dinosaur Jr.  Perhaps it was nostalgia or just the alcohol, but the live performance they unleashed leveled the majority of bands we saw in the preceding days.

Shortly after we returned home, Mock Orange sent us a recording that was captured by Ken Heitmuller (Pernice Brothers) at Southpaw in Brooklyn during the tour that supported their critically acclaimed record, "Captain Love." As we sat back and listened to the tracks, we were reminded that what sets Mock Orange apart from other indie rock bands is the same thing we had witnessed from Dinosaur Jr. a few evenings earlier: pure musicianship.

In an era of protools and infinite overdubs, it has become easy to create lush recordings with rich textures. What has gotten lost, however, is the ability to recreate these performances in a live setting. Dinosaur Jr. stood apart that night because their band was forged at a time where you only got one take, and if you wanted to create something special, you had to have the chops to make it happen.

Mock Orange posses the same skill set.  While we have always been aware of their ability to play their instruments, the lengths the band went to be true to their recorded material at Southpaw is nothing short of exceptional. One need only listen to the hand claps on "Captain Love," which were accomplished by guitarist, Joe Asher, kicking a homemade wooden "clap machine" with his foot while hammering out guitar leads, to know this band is committed to their craft.

Mock Orange's "Live in Brooklyn" was released by Wednesday Records on September 15, 2009.  The record pulls material from "The First e.p.," "Mind is Not Brain," and "Captain Love," and was mixed by J. Robbins (The Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil) at Magpie Cage studios in Baltimore, Maryland.  The cover art was created by Kevin Titzer. The record serves to hold fans over until Mock Orange releases its next studio album in early 2010.  As an added bonus, anyone who purchases Mock Orange's "Captain Love" from the Wednesday Records on-line store before September 15th will receive a link to download "Live in Brooklyn" for free.

Sylvie pick up 4.5 out of 5 stars at AP Sylvie's "Trees and Shade are Our Only Fences" has received a great review in the May issue of Alternative Press Magazine. Check it: DESPISTADO, WHY DON'T YOU COME TO YOUR SENSES? 4.5 / 5 "Fans of Minus The Bear, take note: There's a new ethereal, mathy, post-hardcore game in town. For those who remember the bright spark that were Despistado, a band who imploded just before releasing their debut full length on Jade Tree, Sylvie feature an ex-member and familiar sonic territory. However, its their disarmingly smooth approach to post-hardcore, a unique characteristic, which proves their greatest asset, as the dynamics of opener "Please Make It Home" attest. The keyboard layering and creative guitar textures wouldn't be worth much without solid songs to back them up. Fortunately, Trees and Shade are Our Only Fences offers those from front to back, veering from the Jawbox-esque "Satellites" to the Seaweed-cribbing drive of "Notes on Counters". A brash mix of harmonies and dissonant guitars, Sylvie have created a sonic footprint all their own." -Sam Sutherland Alternative Press - May 2009 - Issue # 250

Wednesday Records At SXSW Over the next several days all of us here at Wednesday (well, all of us except for Luc, who lost rock, paper, scissors and will be staying home and manning the fort) will be enjoying BBQ, free beverages and lots of music at SXSW. Feel free to track us down and say hello!

Pre-Order Mock Orange's Captain Love On Vinyl We have teamed up with the kind folks at Vinyl Collective/Suburban Home Records to bring you Mock Orange's 2008 masterpiece Captain Love on vinyl. We always thought that this recorded sounded like it needed to be on vinyl and we are proud to make it a reality. The LP will include the bonus track "Beauty of a Scar" from the U.S. CD release, and if that weren't bonus enough, it will also include a Bonus 7" that contains the two tracks "Mommas and Babies" and "Til the morning" from the Japanese CD release. Pre-orders can be placed here and will ship around the end of April.

Sylvie Release CD to Rave Reviews Today, Sylvie release Trees and Shade are our Only Fences. The record is picking up several great reviews. All Music Guide notes, "Sylvie show that they've learned well from their influences but even more importantly found their own smart angle on the sound" in giving the album a 4-star review. AbsolutePunk writes, "Sylvie's latest is a keeper - they keep the creative juices flowing in an often stagnant pond of adorable clichŽs." Be one of the first 100 to order Sylvie's new album in our on-line store and receive a special gift pack including a poster and a button.

Sylvie Announce Album Details Wednesday Records will release Sylvie's new full-length "Trees and Shade Are Our Only Fences." Those of you who caught Sylvie recently opening for Minus the Bear and Annuals have already previewed this record in a live setting, and the feedback has been amazing. Just in case you missed these shows, here are some additional details about the songs on the upcoming release.

Singer/guitarist, Joel Passmore notes, "[on Trees] we set out to write and record something new and fresh for us.  When J. Robbins agreed to produce the album our own expectations grew and we all understood the importance of being prepared to record with a great producer like J."

These expectations are realized on Trees, which expands on the bands successful first album, Electric Trace. Coupled with Robbins (Against Me!, Jets to Brazil) production, Sylvie continues to impress by crafting beautifully intricate and complex songs.

The record contains eleven (11) tracks. The track list is:

1. Please Make It Home 2. Breakout for Summer 3. Satellites 4. Instruments of War 5. Listen Up 6. Dark Ages 7. Notes on Counters 8. She Sells Sea Shells 9. Mallets 10. When We Were Young 11. Suitcases

Fall Newsletter Out Now Lots of good stuff going on here at Wednesday. We've got new signings, new releases, and bands on tour. You can check out all the details in our fall newsletter. The letter has free downloads from our bands. If you are not already receiving these updates, sign up on the Wednesday mailing list. Enjoy!

Sylvie Sign to Wednesday Hailing from Canada, Sylvie have become the newest edition to the Wednesday Records' family. The band, which features Joel Passmore (vocals, guitar), Riva Farrell Racette (bass, vocals), Chris Notenboom (guitar, vocals), Jeff Romanyk (drums) and Erin Passmore (keys, vocals), have been honing their craft for the last several years and have gained a reputation as one of the country's most fromidable live acts. Their newest record, Trees and Shade Are Our Only Fences, was produced by J. Robbins (Jets to Brazil, The Promise Ring) at Magpie Cage Studios in Baltimore. The record will be released by Wednesday in February 2009.  In the meantime, Sylvie have been introducing themselves to U.S. audiences by kicking off a tour with Minus the Bear and Annuals. Advanced copies of Trees are available for sale at the shows. Check the tour section for more info.

Captain Love Reviews The reviews are starting to come in on Mock Orange's Captain Love and they are great. Delusions of Adequacy calls it "Carnivalesque, bombastic, and striking original," while Babysue says its "Extremely well arranged, smart progressive pop (5 out of 5)." NME reports that "Mock Orange's sixth album trips into your life with a mild-mannered, outsider adorability," and Circles of Concrete concludes that its "fun and catchy, yet elegant and intriguing at the same time." You can check out more on Mock Orange in the October issues of Alternative Press.

Mock Orange Pre-Orders Have Shipped If you pre-ordered Mock Orange's new CD, Captain Love, your order shipped this week (August 25th) and should be speeding towards your mailbox. Each order included a Mock Orange poster and button. We're excited to announce that this has been our biggest pre-order to date. We appreciate that so many of you have reached out to support this great band.

The Little Heroes on "In Plain Sight"

If you tune into to USA Network's new hit show "In Plain Sight" you'll be able to hear The Little Heroes' "Flight Plans for Airplanes" close the show.

The Making of "Captain Love"

Mock Orange's "Captain Love" was recorded over the better part of last year in Nashville, Tennessee with Jeremy Ferguson (Josh Rouse, Be Your Own Pet).

While in the studio, the band took several video segments which have been turned into a documentary called "The Making of Captain Love."  Clocking in at just over 8 minutes, the piece is an genuine, introspective, and, at times, even humorous look at history of the band and the process it went through to make this great record.  The documentary unequivocally demonstrates that Mock Orange is one of the most original and underrated indie rock bands of our time. You can view the video here.

Following the official release, Mock Orange will head out on a national tour with Phoenix, Arizona's Miniature Tigers (Modern Art/Epic).

Game On! Mock Orange's "Captain Love" available for Pre-Order"

We will be releasing Mock Orange's latest offering, "Captain Love."  You can pre-order your copy of the record today. Copies can be purchased in the Wednesday Records' store. All pre-orders come with a Mock Orange 11 x 17 poster and one-inch button featuring the album's ace artwork, which was provided by Kathleen Lolley (My Morning Jacket's Z). Pre-orders will ship two weeks before the release date. In addition, there will be an exclusive advance digital release of the record on eMusic.

Following the release, Mock Orange will head out on a national tour with Phoenix, Arizona's Minature Tigers (Modern Art/Epic). The tour dates will be announced shortly.

Captain Love contains twelve (12) tracks, including the bonus track, and fan favorite, "Beauty of a Scar." The track list is as follows:

1) Captain Love 2) Song In D 3) Smile On 4) World Of Machines 5) Lila 6) Ms. Brown's Morning Cup 7) Supergang 8) Motel Man 9) Relax And Degrade 10) Majestic Raincoat 11) Old Movies 12) Beauty Of A Scar (Bonus Track)



Mock Orange sign to Wednesday

For the past ten years Mock Orange have continued to produce some of the best, most interesting and intricate records the genre has to offer. The band has followed these records with relentless touring over three continents, performing alongside bands like Rogue Wave, Ted Leo, and Minus the Bear.

This summer Mock Orange will release its latest offering, Captain Love, on Wednesday Records. The album is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Mind Is Not Brain, which Alternative Press dubbed the "closest to a perfect album we've heard in a long time."

Captain Love was recorded over the better part of last year in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Jeremy Ferguson (Be Your Own Pet, Josh Rouse). Punctuated by the engaging artwork of Kathleen Lolley (My Morning Jacket's Z), the album picks up where Mind Is Not Brain left off and proves to be Mock Orange's most ambitious and affecting release to date.

The record contains twelve (12) tracks, including the bonus track, and fan favorite, "Beauty of a Scar." The track list is as follows:

1) Captain Love 2) Song In D 3) Smile On 4) World Of Machines 5) Lila 6) Ms. Brown's Morning Cup 7) Supergang 8) Motel Man 9) Relax And Degrade 10) Majestic Raincoat 11) Old Movies 12) Beauty Of A Scar (Bonus Track)

Jon McKiel Hits Top 30 on CBC charts

Jon McKiel's new record "The Nature of Things" entered CBC's Radio 3 Top 30 charts this week. You can help Jon move up the charts by requesting songs off the record. Here's the number to call: 1-877-955-6565

Jon McKiel on iTunes "Indie Rock Spotlight"

Featured alongside Gnarls Barkley, Steven Malkmus, and Foals, Jon McKiel's new record, The Nature of Things, appears in this week's iTunes "Indie Rock Spotlight."

Jon McKiel-Number One on eMusic Charts

It has been one week since Jon McKiel's new record, "The Nature of Things," was released, and it continues to receive widespead acclaim. Today, the record reached number 1 on eMusic's charts, edging out noteworthy albums by British Sea Power, Cat Power, and Sia. The record was also dubbed one of the "Interesting CD releases of the week" by Largehearted Boy, which was kindly reposted by the folks at Brooklyn Vegan.

The Little Heroes on One Tree Hill

The Little Heroes' song "Thank You" was featured on One Tree Hill last night alongside Jimmy Eat World and Smashing Pumpkins. If you missed it, here's the link.

First To Leave Tour Japan; Announce In-Store At Rasputins

First To Leave are continuing to generate a buzz since the October 9th release of "Forging a Future." Check out some of the recent reviews at and Neufutur. The record will also be featured in the January issue of Alternative Press.  To follow this success, the band will be traveling to Japan to perform with Lifetime.  Just prior to doing so, the band will treat California fans to an in-store performance at Rasputin's in Stockton. Find out more in the "tour" section.

Jon McKiel Reveals Album Details

Halifax native Jon McKiel will release his second album entitled "The Nature of Things." The album follows Jon's 2006 self-titled debut, which won several Canadian awards, including The Coast's "Top 50 Albums" and "Best New Artist." The Nature of Things, which shares its title with famed environmentalist David Suzuki's popular television show, improves on the tradition of fellow Canadian artists like The Stills and Great Lake Swimmers by combining deep pop sensibilities with rich descriptive lyrics and haunting melodies.

"The Nature of Things," was recorded at the old Fort Apache studios (home of the Pixies' "Come on Pilgrim," Radiohead's "The Bends," and Dinosaur Jr.'s "Green Mind") in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The record was mastered by Noah Mintz (The Dears, Stars, and Broken Social Scene) at Lacquer Channel in Toronto. The track list is as follows:

1) War On You 2) 123 My Friends 3) Poor Heart 4) Walking With the Dead 5) Somebody's Listening 6) The Cure 7) Sleep Cities 8) Dreams From the Desert 9) Get Caught 10) Stars Get Their Courage

"Forging A Future" Out Now

First To Leave's "Forging a Future" is now available. The record was recorded at Magpie Studios, and produced by J. Robbins (Against Me!, Paint It Black). The record lands at the end of a successful west coast tour with Fireworks, and just prior to the band's trip to Japan to perform with Lifetime.  "Forging A Future" can be purchased at Smart Punk, Download Punk, and the Wednesday Records' on-line store. The first fifty people to purchase the CD at the Wednesday store will receive a free First To Leave poster. In addition, check out the band in the featured section of The Daily Chorus. There is also a free download of the record's first single, "Drag the Lake," at

Jon McKiel Signs To Wednesday Records

We're happy to announce that Jon McKiel has signed to Wednesday Records. Jon McKiel hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Joined by his bandmates Josh Kogon (bass), Cory LeBlanc (drums), Mike D'Eon (guitar) and Colin Crowell (synth and trumpet), Jon improves on the tradition of fellow Halifax bands like Sloan and Wintersleep by combining deep pop sensibilities with rich descriptive lyrics and haunting melodies. Jon and the band have recently been hauled up in the old Fort Apache studios (home of the Pixies' "Come on Pilgrim," Radiohead's "The Bends," and Dinosaur Jr.'s "Green Mind") in Boston recording their debut album entitled "The Nature of Things." The record is being mastered by Noah Mintz (The Dears, Stars, and Broken Social Scene) at Lacquer Channel in Toronto. The record will be released in early 2008. Stay tuned for more details...

First To Leave Announce Release Date And Track List

First to Leave's debut album Forging a Future will be nationally released on October 9, 2007. The album was produced by J. Robbins (The Promise Ring, Jets to Brazil, Against Me!) at Magpie Cage studios in Baltimore.  The record will be available for pre-sale in the Wednesday Records' on-line store beginning September 1st. Oh by the way, did we mention the record is amazing. Yep, it is. West coast tour dates are coming soon. In the meantime, here's the track list:

1) The Saving Cycle 2) My Aim is True 3) Keep Moving 4) Two Guns, One Mile 5) The Blind Man! 6) Drag The Lake 7) Revival (Starts And Ends) 8) Past The Red Line 9) 13 Frames 10) You're The Canyons 11) We're Both Twenty 12) Maybe Next Year

The Little Heroes Lend Songs To MTV and Lifetime Network

The Little Heroes' song "Come On" was recently featured on MTV's popular reality show, "The Hills."  In addition, the song "Flight Plans for Airplanes" will appear on the August 26th episode of Mark Gordon's (creator of Grey's Anatomy)  new hit show "Army Wives." Catch The Little Heroes live as they head out on a brief east coast tour.

Dates: 08-23 Richmond, VA  Alley Katz 08-24 Reading, PA The Silo 08-25 Allentown, PA The Sterling Hotel's Indie Rock Night 08-26 New York, NY The Mercury Lounge

More "Cinematic Americana" reviews

The Little Heroes continue to pick up positive reviews for their debut record, "Cinematic Americana." You can check out the most recent ones at Space City Rocks, Lost at Sea, and  The Santa Barbara Independent.

Also, check out the band's recent #1 finish in their category at

"Cinematic Americana" picks up steam

It's been a busy few months for The Little Heroes.  Since the release of Cinematic Americana, the band has appeared as the featured artist on MTV's Road Rules, landed on CMJ's Top 200, and picked up the following review at

"WE LOVE IT. We really do. There's jagged pieces of Jimmy Eat World, Silversun Pickups and Saves The Day poking through string sections and big crescendos, the kind of sweeping melodic Valium that makes our stone-cold hearts like Coldplay"

Pick up a copy of The Little Heroes' Cinematic Americana at our on-line store, or You can also download the record at i Tunes, Emusic, Napster and Rhapsody!

The Orange rock reunion show

Albany, New York's Metroland writes: "It was with heavy hearts that the Capital Region bid farewell to the Orange several years back. In a few short years, the foursome forged a bond with their audience through their clever power-pop tuneage and book-smart lyrics. And then, just like that, they were gone."

After a five-year hiatus, The Orange returned to the stage on April 6th at Valentines Music Hall.  The band treated its fans to a blistering set, hitting all the long-time favorites. There are several great photographs posted at The Hidden City.

Pick up The Orange's e.p. at our on-line store, iTunes and Emusic.

"Cinematic Americana" available now

The Little Heroes' new record "Cinematic Americana" is now available for order. The record will be in stores March 20th. No, you didn't forget to take your meds.  The vibration in your ears is the collective sound of the critical reception Cinematic Americana is already generating.  Take a gander:

"Wow. It's quiet, it's delicate, but it still drives like The Stills' best moments and brings to mind Death Cab if Ben Gibbard were more into Son Volt or the Jayhawks." -Space City Rock

"The Little Heroes are the new Promise Ring......James Lombardo's vocals are superlative, sometimes breathy and always emotive..." -Pop Magazine

CMJ's "Download This" will feature the track "Teeth" beginning on March 12th, while Napster will present the song "September Falls" for free download on March 15th.

The Orange announce reunion show

It has been five years since The Orange last delighted us with their indie-pop brilliance. Their music, however, has left an indelible impression. Hailing from the small town of Albany, NY, The Orange's strong songwriting and tireless commitment to touring led them to share the stage with the likes of Elliot Smith, Mara, and They Might Be Giants. In the last year, drummer Dan Sorensen convinced the group to re-unite for his musical project "Sugar Cookie." After recording two new songs, The Orange decided to give us one last evening of bliss. The show will be held on April 6th at Valentines Music Hall in Albany, NY.  It is not to be missed!

The Little Heroes on MTV

What the #@#@*$? Yes, it's true. The Little Heroes are officially the soundtrack to Winnebagos and drunk fraternization, as their song "Don't Stop" was recently featured on MTV's Road Rules. Thanks to our friends at Bunim-Murray for featuring the band.

The Little Heroes nominated for top song of the year

New York's 106 The Vic FM has nominated The Little Heroes' song "Bridges and Tunnels" as one of the top 120 songs of the year. Be a solid citizen and vote for The Little Heroes here.

The Orange and Fire in the Radio on eMusic

eMusic, one of the leading on-line providers of digital music, has added The Orange and Fire in the Radio to its collection of offerings. Download these records here. These records, as well as The Little Heroes' ep, should also be available on iTunes in the near future. We'll keep you posted!

The Little Heroes featured on 92.9 FM

The Little Heroes' single, September Falls, was featured on KJEE's New Noise. Listeners can request the song by dialing 805-899-3292.

The Little Heroes' fall west coast tour

The Little Heroes are covering the west coast with eight shows debuting material from their upcoming full-length record, Cinematic Americana. For more information on the shows go to the "Tours" section. In honor of Halloween, the band will "treat" those of you at the shows with an opportunity to buy the record three months before it is released. The rest of you will just have to wait. To hear songs from the upcoming album, visit the band's Myspace site.

The Little Heroes announce album title

The Little Heroes have titled their debut album "Cinematic Americana." The track list is as follows:

1)    Flight plans for airplanes 2)    September Falls 3)    Teeth 4)    Thank you 5)    New end game 6)    Come on 7)    After all 8)    City lights (take me out) 9)    Bridges and Tunnels 10)    Don't stop 11)    Made you 12)    September Calls

Stay tuned for the official release date!

Wednesday Records launches new website

We are please to present you with our new and improved website. Come on in, kick your shoes off, and have a look around. The site was designed by our talented friends over at Myopia Design. Laura Taylor at The Darling Life provided the wonderful background photographs.  Our on-line store is now up and running. You can also order all releases the old fashioned way by sending a check or money order made payable to Wednesday Records. For a complete listing of releases and merchandise, please visit our Store section.

Wednesday Records signs The Little Heroes, releases debut single

We are excited to announce that The Little Heroes have become the newest member of the Wednesday Records' family. The Little Heroes are a talented four piece hailing from the great State of California. Press reviews have yielded comparisons to My Morning Jacket and The Promise Ring. September 26th marks the release of the band's debut single, aptly titled "September Falls."  The band's full-length record will follow in February, and a full tour is in the works.  You can order the single for $3 ppd.  All orders will ship a week before the release date. This should be just in time to get you rocking back to school. Resident recluse, heckler, and label financier, Knox Overbrook, gives the debut single four martini shakers up. And who can argue with old Knox...